Hi, I’m Risa. I’m a clinical psychologist, mother to a neurodivergent son, and granddaughter to a (now deceased) Alzheimer’s sufferer. I’m also a friend to many other parents and adult children of special needs individuals. My friends and I have struggled with entrusting our loved ones to the care of someone who does not and cannot easily get to know them. And, when we do leave them in the care of others, we feel a constant gnawing anxiety that prevents us from being able to truly relax.

This lack of trust breaks my heart. Trust is at the heart of every genuine connection and genuine connections nurture bodies, minds, and spirits. There’s really nothing more important than that. But, when it comes to our vulnerable loved ones, establishing trust with those who provide them care is difficult.

I created SeeInMe so those who love, serve, and work with vulnerable individuals could advocate for and relate to them on a personal level.

SeeInMe is headquartered in the middle of America’s Heartland, in a town called Lee’s Summit. I’m always happy to make genuine connections and if you reach out to me, you can bet I’ll send a personal response.

Thank you for stopping by.

Founder/CEO of SeeInMe

Dr. Risa Stein with Charlie, a SeeInMe client.