How does SeeInMe work?

Each SeeInMe Instant Connector is embedded with an NFC (near-field communication) chip and stamped with a QR code. When an unlocked phone is tapped to a SeeInMe Instant Connector or the QR code is scanned, the individual’s Personality Profile automatically opens. SeeInMe requires no app downloading or passwords.

Do I need a SeeInMe subscription?

Yes. A subscription is required to keep an Instant Connector active. You can cancel at any time.

What if we lose a SeeInMe Instant Connector?

We all lose things. If this happens, just disconnect the Instant Connector through your dashboard.

How do I create my loved one's Personality Profile?

Upon completion of your SeeInMe Instant Connector purchase, or allocation of an account by a facility, you will be guided to create your loved one’s Personality Profile. You will also be able to share a link to a video or video channel, upload documents, and create checklists.

Can I update my loved one's Personality Profile?

Absolutely! We understand your loved one’s needs and preferences will change. You’ll be able to update your loved one’s information any time you want.

Can I password protect the files on my account?

Not just yet. The ability to password-protect files uploaded to the Personality Profile may be available in the future. However, SeeInMe is not intended for the sharing of privileged information including information covered by FERPA or HIPAA.

Is NFC safe for my loved one?

Completely! The NFC chip in the SeeInMe Instant Connector is similar to the chip that enables check-out scanning of library books. In order to open your loved one’s Personality Profile, a phone must be within four inches of the SeeInMe Instant Connector.

How will I know when a provider or caregiver has accessed my loved one's Instant Connector?

When someone has accessed your loved one’s Instant Connector, completed a checklist, or sent a report, an indicator will appear on the Instant Connector card visible on your dashboard.

Can families purchase additional Instant Connectors?

Yes! With an existing account, additional single Instant Connectors can be purchased.

What if bullies get ahold of my loved one's SeeInMe Instant Connector?

We created SeeInMe because we know the warm-hearted people who interact with your loved one want to provide the most compassionate care possible. Unfortunately, not everyone is well-intentioned. We suggest that you share SeeInMe Instant Connectors directly with the adults with whom your loved one interacts.

How do I contact you if I have a problem or want to make a suggestion?

If you have any trouble at all with your SeeInMe Instant Connector, let us know! If you have a suggestion that would make SeeInMe more valuable to you, we’d like to hear that, too! Simply complete the contact form below and we’ll reach out to you, usually within 48 hours.

Why won't the Personality Profile open on my phone?

If your phone is unlocked and is not opening the Personality Profile when tapped to the Instant Connector, it is most likely because NFC connectivity is not enabled. Go to your phone’s settings, usually under “Connections” and make sure the NFC connection is enabled. Scanning the QR code is an alternate approach to accessing the Personality Profile.

Do you only have cards?

Currently, the only SeeInMe Instant Connector we offer is the card. We elected to start with the card since it can be worn around the neck, attached to a backpack, or tucked away in a wallet. We look forward to hearing from you about other types of Instant Connectors you’d like.

What is the "SeeInMe Trusted Care" seal?

Facilities integrating SeeInMe Instant Connectors into their operations are awarded the SeeInMe Trusted Care seal to advertise on their website their commitment to equitable and personalized care.

What is the SeeInMe Birthday Club?

The SeeInMe team wants to ensure every person with a completed Personality Profile receives a card in the mail on their birthday. The SeeInMe Birthday Club is staffed by Birthday Club Ambassadors who have similar disabilities as those with completed Personality Profiles. If your loved one would like to participate, please reach out through the Contact form.